Favorite Social Media Platform and Why


Assignment:  Favorite Social Media Platform and Why.

I’d probably have to say Facebook.  It’s actually a no-brainer for me.  Facebook incorporates nearly all of the various facets of other social media platforms.  Do I trust it?  No, I do not.  However in this digital world privacy is essentially a non-entity.  I do, however, recognize the power of the platform.  So without me being a Debbie (or Donald in my case) Downer, I present my top 5 reasons why Facebook is my favorite social media platform:

1.  Facebook is a web wide social media site.  Many sites that you log into allow you to log into that site with your facebook account.  That functionality is actually making you simply 1 click away from Facebook while you’re anywhere on the web.

2.  Facebook allows you to integrate the functionality of other social media sites into their own.  You can poost videos from Youtube and Vimeo into Facebook.  You can post pictures and create albums, a la instagram on your Facebook page.  You  can use the timeline in a manner similar to Twitter as it is associated with your account.  It’s other social media services all rolled into one.

3.  Facebook allows you give as much or as little information about yourself as you want.  In general individuals give too much and this is a boon for those of us who are interested in marketing to them as we have a treasure trove of information at our disposal to laser target our potential clients.

4.  Facebook is Free.  Let me repeat.  FACEBOOK IS FREE.  My stance is typically, “If it’s free, I’l take two of them.”.  😀

5.  Facebook is available on EVERY device.  There is a Facebook page for your computer, a facebook app for your phone and tablet.  IOS and Android flavors are available. Facebook makes it easy to login and receive updates wherever you are.

TA-DAAAAAA!!!  Thank you for reading!


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