One Thing You Love About Facebook


Ahhhh Facebook.

Once upon a time my 4 Favorite words were:

Facebook Is The Devil

I still say it now on occasion because… errm… Facebook is the devil.  lol!  But like virtually everything.  Facebook is amoral and the individuals who utilize the platform are the issue.  So in effect, I simply didn’t understand Facebook.  Not that I didn’t understand the technical aspects of Facebook because those were always known, but I didn’t understand the nuance, the implications of it’s use, the ubiquitousness of its nature and how powerful that nature actually is.

Then, one day, BAM a paradigm shift occurred.  It was not very long ago actually, a few years.  I was working with a client in Columbia SC and another of the vendors was explaining that they could parce adverts to individuals on Facebook by Age, Race, Sex, Income and then ZipCode.  That’s EXTREMELY granular.  It’s not the realization in and of itself that was surprising but the realization that ALL of the data about us in so many ways is on Facebook.

Consider this.  Facebook knows:

when you were born
when you die
who your childhood friends are
who your immediate family is
who your extended family is
where you grew up
where you went to school
what your birthday is
your full name
your maiden name
your spouse
when you got married
if you got divorced and when
your telephone number
what city you live in
where you work
what you do at work
where you like to eat
what types of music you enjoy
where you go on vacation
what you look like
who your kids are
what they look like…

need I go on?

I’m just scratching the tip of the iceberg here.  AND…  AND… this data is stored FOREVER!  That’s powerful. ergo…


So…. what is there to like about the devil?  Nothing.  But there is an old saying that goes:

“Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.”

That’s how I feel about Facebook now.  I know that in order to keep it at bay you have to control your message.  Post NOTHING that you don’t want to see in 30 years or for your progeny to see in 60.  It’ll still be there.  Ladies, those videos of you twerking in your SpongeBob SquarePants boyshorts are GOING TO BE THERE!  Gentlemen, that picture of you making a valiant attempt to guzzle an entire keg of beer, upside down, while your best friend is in the background vomiting is GOING TO BE THERE!

I digress… what’s the one thing I love about Facebook?  Nothing.

There are, however, a ton of things I can tolerate about Facebook and the most important of those is that I can use this tool to grow my business.


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Sekou McHenry is the CEO of DIRM Corp, a web design, graphic design and SEO firm. He also makes a mean gumbo. From scratch... Blindfolded.


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