Top 5 Android Apps for the Entrepreneur


Of course any Top 5 or 10 or 100 list is subjective and as such this list is going to be completely horrible to someone (but I doubt it) however welcome to my Top 5 Android Apps for the Entrepreneur.

Most of these types of lists tend to focus on the things that are bells and whistles however this list is a bit more pragmatic and focuses on the things that keep your phone on during a busy call or make it easier for you to actually find what you’re looking for on your phone.  So, without further adieu:

Sekou McHenry’s Top 5 list, in no particular order.

Aviate –

Aviate is a ‘launcher’.  What it does is place a different ‘look’ on your phone.  Your home screen changes, your app icons change how they are laid out etc.  Aviate does this in a way that is intuitive and clean.  Swipe to the left and you have a list of things that are in your immediate vicinity based on your GPS.  On the homepage you have different options depending on the time of day.  The app knows when you’re at home or at work and gives you different options according to where you are.  At night it displays your alarm clock just in case you forgot to set it.  It’s one of the better launchers I’ve run across and I’ve tried them all.  The reason that it is such a help to the entrepreneur is that there is no ambiguity with regard to where your necessary icons are.  Everything is laid out in a crisp, clean fashion.

SwiftKey –

Get it.  Just get it.  Don’t even think about it.  Yes, I know it’s $3.99 and yes I know that it’s not cheap but so what.  Get it.  It’s literally the best Android Keyboard on the market and also happens to be a Google Play Editors’ Choice app and winner of the coveted Most Innovative App award at the Global Mobile Awards in Barcelona, Spain.  It’s worth it.  It’s dead scary at predicting what it is that you want to say next and is also able to SWYPE for you SWYPERs out there.  I cannot say enough good things about this app.  The reason that it is such a help to the entrepreneur is that it makes your texting faster, smoother and more precise.

DU Battery Saver –

You really don’t know what the heck is going on with your cell phone battery much of the time.  All most people know is that they plug it into the wall and it magically charges and then you talk.  That’s great but not as effective as you need for it to be in my opinion.  Long battery life is crucial simply because you never know where you’ll be without a charger and needing to close a deal.  With this app much of that is eliminated because you’ve got the ability to see EXACTLY what the drain on your battery is and how to stop it.  My installation is set in such a manner that when my battery life is under 30%, the phone simply goes into battery conservation mode.  The reason that it is such a help to the entrepreneur is that your battery life and in many cases the lifeline to your clients is extended in an intelligent manner.

G Cloud –

This is one of those apps that you never think about until you’ve dropped your phone into the swimming pool and then you’re scrambling to put it in a container of rice to pull the moisture from it so that you can get those pictures of your best friend doing the funky chicken.  True story.  This app however is one of the first that should be loaded on any phone simply because it backs your data up without your having to think about it.  You get 1GB of data for free which is enough for your contacts, text messages and most images.  You can select what you save and you can restore the data at any point.  It’s easy and intuitive.  The reason that it is such a help to the entrepreneur is that accidents happen.

Contacts+ –

Because we are entrepreneurs, networking is key and as such our contacts are critical to our success in many instances.  This is the only contact management application that is also an interface to FaceBook, Twitter, Google+ plus others.  It is literally that in depth.  Click on a person’s name in your contact list with this app and you immediately have the ability to call them, Facebook them, see what’s on their Twitter feed, look at their address, get a map of it as well as directions and if all else fails, text the person ALL WITHOUT LEAVING THE APP.  It’s just that good.

Because I’m constantly looking for new apps please don’t hesitate to leave any suggestions that you may have in the comments below.


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Sekou McHenry is the CEO of DIRM Corp, a web design, graphic design and SEO firm. He also makes a mean gumbo. From scratch... Blindfolded.


  1. Wow! I already use Aviate and SwiftKey so I will definitely be downloading your other suggestions. I’m enjoying these posts, they are very informative! Looking forward to learning more from your expertise!

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