Top 5 People To Follow On Twitter



Introducing Sekou McHenry’s

Top 5 People To Follow On Twitter

*cymbal crash*

Note:  This list is in NO particular order.

#5.  October Jones

A complete and utter clown.  Observe:

#4.  Danny Boy:  More information than you actually ‘need’ but never more than you really want.

#3.  Malcolm Gladwell.  The guy that looks at exactly what you’re looking at yet sees something different that you need to know about and have no idea how he actually saw it.

#2.  Orson Scott Card.  My ABSOLUTE favorite author (almost… well.  One of them.  Maybe… Today.  I just like the guy OK?  Sheesh!  Leave me alone!)

#1.  Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Yup.  This is the guy right here!  Whew! Gotta love this character!

That’s about it for me.  I’m DOG tired too!  Good night… or morning.


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Sekou McHenry is the CEO of DIRM Corp, a web design, graphic design and SEO firm. He also makes a mean gumbo. From scratch... Blindfolded.


  1. Sekou I like your taste. The only person I knew of is Neil – the guy is brilliant! I have to check out the other folks, they sound pretty cool to me. Thanks for sharing :)

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