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Question:  Tell us about a book you’re reading, or a book you would recommend and why. If you’d like to include a hyperlink to the book’s Amazon page so others can check it out, feel free to so!

The book that I’m currently reading is a book that I’ve read a number of times before because the lessons in the book are life lessons.  It’s titled:

The 48 Laws of Power.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the book:

At its core it is a book about recognizing, getting and keeping power.

Here is favorite for entrepreneurs:

I know, I know… who would want power?  Why would someone want power?  Only the corrupt want power…  I get it if you feel that way but the fact remains, power is amoral and SOMEONE is going to get it.  Wouldn’t it better be served in your hands than in the hands of a lunatic?  Disclaimer… this is assuming that you are not a lunatic.  If you are, please disregard this entire post and log off of the internet.

Here is the Amazon link to the book:




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  1. Great read! This book was recommended to me by a dear friend. I must admit that I thought some of the laws were a bit manipulative but the more I read, I realized it could be perceived one of two ways based on the type of person who was reading it. Applying the rules, on the other hand, aren’t as simple for me to do in certain situations.

  2. I have had that book on my bookshelf for at least 10 years. I learned about that book during the heyday of my previous career, flying back on the red-eye from LA after attending the BET Awards. I sat next to one of the Co-founders of FUBU and we chatted the entire flight. That friendship has continued today and I have yet to read the “Bible of Hip Hop”. I just dusted it off and will read it after I have completed the other books I have been holding on to. ‘Ask and it is Given’ by Esther & Jerry Hicks. I am currently reading ‘The Rhythm of Life – Living Every Day with Passion & Purpose’ by Matthew Kelly.

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