Why Did You Join This Challenge?


Topic:  When you started the Just Blog It challenge, did you set any goals? Are you on track to achieve them? Have your goals changed at all?

Why not?

Seriously? Why not?  It’s blogging, which I wasn’t doing previously.  It’s probably the best ‘free’ (or nearly so) means of controlling your message while marketing on the internet and it’s an opportunity to create a space on the web for future income streams as it relates to my company.

I constantly tell clients that they should be blogging yet I wasn’t doing it myself.  How hypocritical was that?  This merely adds to the Sekou McHenry / DIRM Corp library.  There is no flaw in it.  It’s the best thing since sliced break and I’m grateful to my friends for suggesting it to me.

My ONLY goal was to complete EVERY POST.  That’s all.  I don’t know what my goals have changed much.  Actually I don’t know what I don’t know so I joined the challenge to force myself to learn a new discipline.  It’s worked.  Things that I knew of from a technical aspect because I installed and configured them for clients are the things that I’m getting used to now.  It’s one thing to know something in theory and yet quite another animal to have the practical application of the thing.

I’m currently on track to achieve my only goal but I’m going to start, in the upcoming weeks, asking my partners in this Challenge for hints, tips and tricks on what to do to enhance this challenge.

So… Why Not?


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Sekou McHenry is the CEO of DIRM Corp, a web design, graphic design and SEO firm. He also makes a mean gumbo. From scratch... Blindfolded.


  1. One thing that I wanted to do as a part of this challenge is to write about some topics that I wouldn’t ordinarily. It’s a struggle for me to step outside of marketing/sales/strategy but I want my blog to have a bit more of a personal touch so I’m trying. It’s uncomfortable and some of those posts feel awkward for me but although I’m behind I’m getting them done. Glad to see that you are sticking with it, I have enjoyed reading your posts.

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